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About Us

Lien Searches Plus offers a broad range of real estate due diligence services. Founder Carla Cabañas is a real estate professional with many years of experience in coordinating and closing complex real estate transactions on behalf of buyers, sellers, developers and mortgage lending institutions. This experience led to recognize the value of a firm that offered an array of specialized real estate research to support the real estate industry. Growing awareness and demand for these types of services have increased considerably and it is now common for those in the real estate industry to outsource this function; enabling them to streamline processing and better utilize their own staff and resources.

The lien search industry, consisting of all facets of unrecorded real property debt research, is not regulated. There is no experience necessary nor are there any licensing or insurance requirements for firms offering these services. This lack of oversight makes it imperative to deal with reputable and knowledgeable professionals. At Lien Searches Plus we are exceptionally qualified in this field with staff members which include licensed title insurance agents, legal assistants and real estate closers with many years of experience enabling us understand our clients’ needs. Our office handles a high volume of work and has processed hundreds of thousands of files with speed and accuracy.

Our clientele includes nationwide title insurance firms and underwriters, law firms, lenders, asset management firms, developers, realtors, buyers, sellers and homeowner associations. We process retail, commercial, industrial, REO, DIL and short sale real estate research and are well versed with GSE requirements pertaining to our scope of work. We recognize the need for a seamless collaboration with our clients and have delivered dependable and professional service since 2001.