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Commercial Due Diligence/Commercial Lien Search

There is a vast difference between a standard lien search for a commercial property and the due diligence work required in the case of most commercial transactions. In addition to a lien search for commercial property our firm is uniquely qualified to offer Commercial Due Diligence services. We have staff members with extensive knowledge of commercial real estate closings and are well qualified to understand the intricacies of this work.

Commercial real estate is intensely detailed and precise in nature and the results of the cumulative scope of due diligence findings can serve to make or break a transaction. The extensive due diligence services offered at LSP for commercial real estate matters are not presently offered by any other firms of this kind.

Due Diligence research for commercial and industrial property varies based on the client’s specific requirements for a particular project. There is almost always a strict timeline which must be adhered to in order to meet the customary due diligence deadline. We work hand in hand with attorneys and developers who have entrusted various aspects of this research to us for many years.

Our firm performs onsite records research when necessary and where feasible together with many optional services further detailed in the services section of our website. Results are delivered with a detailed description of the work performed and all supporting back up is delivered to the client. Originals are submitted via courier when necessary.

Our commercial lien search includes the standard lien search findings together with any other elements of a due diligence search requested of us, a transmittal outlining the research requested and all of the applicable comprehensive supporting back up obtained by our office.